The Solution

cattle-lac makes the difference

That lush, leafy green grass may be limiting essential nutrients to your cattle —by reducing gains and lowering profits. Don’t worry; Cattle-Lac is the solution.

” What’s Wrong With Grass? “

High Moisture Content makes Grass Inefficient

Although green grass has many nutrients, the moisture fills up the cattle before they’ve received their daily nutrient requirements.

An 800 pound cow needs approximately 18 pounds of dry matter. IF eating lush green grass containing 8 times the moisture of mature grass, the cow would need to eat 168 pounds of forage – A TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE FEAT! When the grass reaches its nutritional peak and contains less moisture, the cow needs only 56 pounds to meet NRC requirement. After blooming, the grass loses nutrient value and, again, the animal may reduce gain, costing you profits.

A smart manager knows how to get the most of his investment in land, labor and cattle. To reduce operating cost and expensive land cost, the manager must make more dollars on less capital expenditures.

It Pays to use liquid supplements

The cost to reap this multitude of values is just pennies a day!

Start Feeding
  • Free Choice Feeding – Available 24 hrs/day

  • Consumption Control – Limit Intake

  • Excellent Service – No “Out of Stock” Worries

  • Nutritionally Balanced Pasture Grass Feeding

  • More Meat Per Acre

  • No Dust Problem – Cows Don’t Cough Or Go Off Feed

  • Homogenized – Superior Stability

  • Low Equipment Cost – Saves You $

  • Low Labor Requirement – Saves Time

  • Nutrition Help – When You Care To Feed The Best

Capitalize on Your Cattle

The 365 Day Cow Year Never Stops — and Neither Should Your Feed Supply


Post Calving

Is the 82-day period after calving when the cow is milking at her highest level. She must undergo uterine involution, start recycling and rebreed. This is her most important nutritional period.

Liquid Supplement allows better protein utilization, assimilates nutrients easier, improves fiber digestion, stimulates rumen bacteria, supplies available vitamins and minerals, improves energy intake and improves feed conversion to meet this stressful period.


This will ease stress in the cow, cut weight loss to a minimum and maintain healthy cow to cycle and breed earlier.


Pregnancy and Lactation

This is a 123-day period when the cow should be in early pregnancy while still lactating and maintaining a calf. Liquid Supplement increases weight gain, improves feed conversion, stimulates appetite and improves energy intake.


This enables the cow to gain weight and store some energy reserve as body fat.


Mid Gestation

This is the 110-day period that follows weaning the calf. The cow must primarily maintain her developing fetus.

Liquid Supplement may enable cows to better utilize poor quality roughage, reduce waste, improve carrying capacity, lower feed cost, reduce feed intake, balance pasture grass nutrition and lower total feed cost.


This will maintain healthy fetal growth, help reduce excess weight loss, and condition the body for pre-calving.


Pre Calving

This is the 50-day period which is the 2nd most important time in the cow year. Here, 80% of fetal growth occurs and the cow is preparing for lactation.

Liquid Supplement with available vitamins and minerals, digestible quality amino acids, high phosphoric acid, easy assimilation of nutrients, good fiber digestion, stimulated rumen bacteria and high absorbable energy are needed.


This will prevent fetal loss through early abortion, small undernourished, weak calves at birth, lowered milk production, poor calf growth, calf survival problems, fewer incidences of scours, reduced labor and vet bills and easier cleaning for quick cycling and breed-back.

Cattle-Lac Works Better

You can’t beat 24/7 feed, dealer refills, and less work for yourself — Cattle-Lac simply makes it easier to raise your cattle. Let us do the work for you! Keep your cows healthy and happy and your wallet full.

Free choice feeding of CATTLE-LAC Liquid supplement will:

  • Stimulate appetite – which means get more dry matter into the cow
  • Improve gain – which means heavier weights and more meat per acre
  • Increase feed conversion – more beef on less grass
  • Add more energy – improve efficiency – cheaper gains
  • Stimulate rumen activity – Better performance, less sickness, ease weaning stress
  • Improve meat quality – more dollars for your calf
  • Supply chromium – helps prevent STRESS

Cattle-Lac Liquid Supplements:

  • Require Less Labor
  • Less Waste
  • Better Nutrient Assimilation
  • Improved Fiber Digestion
  • Reduce Cost
  • Available 24 Hours a Day
  • Increased Protein Utilization
  • Has Available Amino Acids
  • Supplies Soluble Vitamins and Minerals
  • Supplies Chromium For Less Stress