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Liquid Feed Use During Drought Periods

Obviously there is a great deal of discussion during the very dry conditions we are seeing in much of Texas and Oklahoma of how to stretch hay and forage supplies and properly meet the nutritional needs of cattle. This is coupled with high feed costs, high transportation costs and virtually a perfect storm of all the things that can go wrong right now.

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Industry solutions you can count on

Cattle-Lac Liquid Feed is part of a 70 year old family heritage. In 1927 Mr. Joe Felderhoff established the Muenster Milling Company in nearby Muenster, Texas. He quickly earned a reputation for his understanding of livestock feed and nutrition. Farmers throughout North Texas came to rely on Muenster Milling Co. for their herd’s nutritional programs. This tradition of quality was passed on to Arthur Felderhoff, son of the founder, who took over management of the business in 1947. The company dedicated itself to the technology of livestock feed, and using this technology to produce effective, high-quality feeds. Since the mid-1960’s, the Felderhoff family has been providing liquid supplements to southwest farmers. They saw it as an ideal complement to their existing feed business. In 1984, the operation was turned over to the grandson of the founder, Mr. Dale Felderhoff who would later purchase the company in 2006. Today, we continue to specialize in feed technology and continue to build a loyal customer base throughout the Southwest United States.

Exceptional Cattle Nutrition

Cattle-Lac Liquid Supplements provide optimized nutritional support for pastures, hay and silage. Cattle-Lac Liquids provide key nutrients and ingredients stimulating and supporting the growth, reproduction and activity of rumen microbes to increase forage digestion and utilization.
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Performance Level Quality

Southwest cattle producers have come to recognize Cattle Lac Liquid Supplements as a leader in consistent, quality liquid feed and supplements. Our ingredient selection and manufacturing, including our proprietary homogenization process assures a stable, consistent product.

Quality, Carefully Selected Ingredients

Cattle-Lac utilizes only quality controlled, consistent ingredients with a foundation of pure cane molasses. Products include higher levels of natural proteins in balanced ratios with Non-Protein Nitrogen sources to optimize value and animal performance.

Highest Nutritional Value

Cattle-Lac feeds and supplements are formulated with a focus on performance and safety. Nutrient levels target the nutritional needs of current genetic and management requirements.

optimizing pastures and forages

Cattle-Lac Liquid Supplements provide nutrient support to the rumen microbial population which has shown to improve fiber digestion and increase microbial protein flow and other important nutrients to the animal. Improved fiber digestion helps breakdown grass and other roughages faster allowing for greater intake, especially when forage quality is not the best. This means more better body condition, better breeding performance, more milk, growthier calves, more pounds of beef per cow and per acre.

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Cattle-Lac Liquids — Available 24/7

Cattle-Lac Liquids, fed free-choice in lick-wheel feeders is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cattle-Lac’s formulation technology promotes consumption of multiple, smaller “meals” by the cow. This provides a constant nutrient flow into the rumen which maintains balance and supports rumen health. A healthy rumen makes for a productive animal.
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